Women's slavery

found footage, 4', 2015
Presented at:
Museum Folkwang, Essen, 2017.

Women’s slavery was the occasion for me to work with found footage. Through the crossing of two types of 1960s American archives – the picture of a SM pornographic film and the soundtrack of an educational film on home economics – I reflected on the feminine condition. The main idea was to bring up the question of gaze at three levels: pornography as the masculine gaze on the feminine body, home economics as the social gaze on the feminine duty, cinema as the spectator’s gaze on the film. I order to link these three levels, I worked on the voices of the home economics soundtrack: synchronising it at times with the pornographic picture to coalesce these two worlds. To purse this reflection on voices, I added a feminine and a masculine voice-overs reading Pierre Jean Jouve’s The Desert World to come to a self-reflection on cinema through the question of the spectator’s gaze.